Brand & Communication Strategy

You’re eating all wrong.

︎︎︎ Founder, Kerry Fitzmaurice


This New York vegan barbecue restaurant exists within an oxymoron, both in its name and in the realm of barbecue.


How does this vegan barbecue restaurant stand out in a category that until now has stood for meat?


Challenge the ridiculous idea that vegan food can't be barbecue by encouraging a flexitarian audience to try Pure Grit's delicious BBQ to cement their position as true barbecue players.

︎ John Simons, Strategist
︎ Ryan Waltz, Strategist
︎ Sean McSherry, Art Director
︎ Danny Todesca, Copywriter

My Responsibilities
︎Researched barbecue culture
︎Created the strategy and helped with ideation
︎Helped craft the brand narrative and position in the marketplace

Initial Thinking

Barbecue is held close to the chest for the cooks passionate about meat. However, for everyone else, what makes barbecue is the charred, smoked flavor. Barbecue isn’t exclusive to meat.


We sent a vegan and a meat eater undercover to the Pure Grit BBQ pop-up in New York, where they tried an array of items from the menu. The two raved about the savoriness of the food and how filling it was. They never once felt limited by the options.

Look at how delicious the jackfruit rib sandwich is ︎︎︎

Cultural Truth

Your diet is your identity. There’s unwritten rules as to what we eat says about us.

Diets are changing

50% of the U.S. population identifies as ‘flexitarian,’ someone who enjoys meat 2-3 times a week with a primary diet of greens and veggies.


Flexitarians know no bounds when it comes to food and aren’t afraid to try good things. They aren’t challenged by the menu, but rather embrace all its possibilities.


Let your stomach do the talking.

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