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Audio is under attack.



Bang & Olufsen (B&O) has always provided quality sound matched with outstanding design. Over the last decades, B&O has lost their edge as a convention-defying brand with cultural power. When asked who they are, people often have connotations about their legacy products of the 70s and 80s.


How can B&O reclaim their boldness and mindset as a challenger brand to return to the cultural conversation?


Encourage people to boycott Bang & Olufsen stores, protesting their ridiculously amazing sound.

︎ John Simons, Strategist
︎ Olivia Bouzigard, Creative Brand Manager
︎ James Glass, Creative Brand Manager
︎ Sean McSherry, Art Director
︎ Kayla Hall, Copywriter

My Responsibilities
︎Developed brief
︎Conducted competitive audit
︎Helped craft the brand narrative and position in the marketplace

Initial Thinking

Although we could both be looking at an object, what makes it different is our perspective to it.


Scrolling through social media, I stumbled upon this video of a child seeing their parents for the first time. They only ever knew them by their touch and sound, and maybe as unidentifiable blurs.

The parents hadn’t changed, but the child’s perspective to them did. They finally saw what was there the whole time.

Brand Truth

B&O allows us to experience sound how it was intended to be heard.


Through commodotization of audio, we’ve only ever known standard sound.


Hearing is understanding something as it appears, whereas listening allows you to capture the nuances and understand the full picture of what it is you’re hearing.

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