Magic Brain

My local coffee shop is located in a shore town where people come in-and-out weekly. Magic Brain Cafe needed a way to engage their customers. What birthed was "Know Your Bean Water".


Onto the idea

'Magic Brain' is an 80's slang term for a computer. The cafe operates mostly on Instagram, but does not provide its customers a way to stay engaged with them.

Now the engagement

The consumer will have the ability to challenge the "Magic Brain" to a game of coffee trivia, accessing it via wi-fi.


How 'bout that game

Consumers can join a community of coffee know-how's by battling the brain.


Of course they can share

Champions are given a free item off the menu and a spot on the Magic Brain Cafe's leaderboard - until the end of the week. Once the week is over the leaderboard will refresh.

So basically

When the consumer signs into wi-fi, they'll have the opportunity to test their coffee wits against the 'Magic Brain'.