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magic brain cafe


Magic Brain

My local coffee shop is located in a shore town where people come in-and-out weekly. Magic Brain Cafe needed a way to engage their customers. What birthed was "Know Your Bean Water".


Visitors were using the shops wifi without purchasing coffee.


The term ‘Magic Brain’ is an 80’s slang term for a computer.


Who could be smarter than the Magic Brain?


More about the idea

'Magic Brain' is an 80's slang term for a computer. The cafe operates mostly on Instagram, but does not provide its customers a way to stay engaged with them.

Now the engagement

The consumer will have the ability to challenge the "Magic Brain" to a game of coffee trivia, accessing it via wi-fi.


How 'bout that game

Consumers can join a community of coffee know-how's by battling the brain.


Of course they can share

Champions are given a free item off the menu and a spot on the Magic Brain Cafe's leaderboard - until the end of the week. Once the week is over the leaderboard will refresh.

So basically

When the consumer signs into wi-fi, they'll have the opportunity to test their coffee wits against the 'Magic Brain'.