Visit to Rain

If the weather today inspired you to grab a computer and do some browsing, then hopefully your fingers typed in R, A, I, N. The RAIN advertising agency is one of those unsung heroes. Their studio space is unlike any I've seen before. Unlike traditional agencies, their Copywriters and Art Directors are not hinged hip-to-hip to solve creative problems. Instead, they go as far to pair up Developers with Strategists, Strategists with Art Directors, Art Directors with Marketers, etc. Of course not as accurately depicted, but you get the gist.

RAIN, to me, is an agency that takes no breaks. When walking through their office, all I saw was eyes glued to screens, collaboration, and the laid back vibe of bumping music through their headphones. If you're an individual who likes to work close-quarters with your partner for a better creative result, then RAIN is for you.