Public Announcement #1


Read as if the earth beneath you will go barren, and all is left is written word.

Read as if your loved one will be gunned down if your eyes do not skim the page.

Read as if the very moment your hands takes place on the cover, a new world is discovered, and you, are it's founder.

Whatever you do, please read. We can indulge in conversations about what so-and-so did yesterday or how our coffee wasn't hot enough. At the end of the day, all we've said will be with the wind. Print is not dead.

Reading is crucial to developing our independent thought and autonomy. And please, if you believe that texting is a form of literature, I will do my very best to refrain myself from wishing harmful things upon you. By allowing yourself the time to ingest a novel, you're building your critical thinking skills and reason. I can't stress the importance of it.

I believe that ignorance occurs in most people that don't read. It doesn't matter if you're reading a blog, newspaper, story book or a fucking fortune cookie, just as long as you're enduring some form of narrative that you can muster up a response. There's going to be a time when your phone is dead and you having nothing else but a paper-back mystery and time to kill. It's up to you how you spend that time.

There's a sort of high I get when I'm picking out a new read. By not allowing myself the assurance of a summary, I have the ability to form my own opinions and fully dive into the book. It's an awesome experience, honestly. Now, you might not be an avid reader, but I encourage you to. It will only benefit you, and hey, maybe it'll ignite a conversation with someone you wouldn't expect to talk to.