Nature's A Bitch

We're a lot smaller than we appear. We have giants the size of Yao Ming and buildings that look like they'd reach the tip of the Himalaya's. However, these objects and people are only specks, maybe not even visible, when seen from the stars. As a culture, we walk around with a god-like mentality. That what we say is law and for those beneath us; plants, critters, the unknown, should adhere to our living conditions, needs and wants. I'm here to say that we are full of ourselves. We can make seemingly great feats, such as reaching the moon or stimulating brain cells, but we will never have the capability to alter the inevitable.

Our planet is dying and it's our own fault. Is it the un-recycled cigarette buds? The crumpled paper with our lost thoughts? Or trillions of cars creating toxic fumes? Honestly, it's all of the above and more. I fall criminal to almost any and every fault. The epidemic we face today is ignorance. Not facing these issues and making them a priority decreases our chances of continuing the homo sapien species. We see it in everyday life such as when we'd rather avoid a threat rather than dealing with it head on.

Global warming is not something we can avoid, however. I'm not saying I have a solution, but I do have a radical vindication. We can have periods of rest. Of complete disconnect and travel. Ask yourself how often you think about "escaping and enjoying a day to yourself." More than likely it's a recurring dream. Make this dream a reality and take the day to put down that cigarette, turn off your car and go for a walk. I trust that if we, as a culture, as a society, can accomplish this at least once a month, we could potentially extend our stay. Nature is a cruel bitch, but that's only because we pissed her off.