Mr. Burberry

My first reaction to this commercial was sheer joy and astoundment. Then, after five more times of watching it, my reaction was pure amazement. The music, script, characters, setting was all so beautifully choreographed.

You have this couple, who you cannot really tell if they are together not, basically spending the day with one another in a hotel room. The colors are very dark, but not so dark that it makes the aura gloomy, but instead creates a mysterious atmosphere. Those dark tones and deep shadows draw you into the scenes, and really make you wonder how the characters relate to one another. Are they together? Are they two strangers? The entire short film screams sex!

The film itself is very wholesome and sensual. The identity is so spot on with the way it depicts a dapper lifestyle in modern day. Oh and the singer.."it's a wonderful life, it's a wonderful life." Ben Clementine was the best pick. His deep voice, sounding so conflicted and smooth, really set the tone. The film makes you feel young; almost nostalgic.

I fell in love with it all.

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