Drink My Kool-Aid

I am a firm believer in perspective. We can hold our heads up high, cock our shoulders back and perform the ultimate gesture of confidence, however when cast in shadow, even the most angelic things can look satanic. We've been trained from generation to generation to see darkness as the villain. That a gloom and disrupted smile are signs of creep or trouble. It is these signs that have aided in formulating our culture into a cynical society, erupted with violence and ignorance. Perspective is our lacking factor.

Rather than helping a homeless person, we instead settle for mocking them and blaming them for their misfortune. Comparatively, in our black communities, rather than admitting to placing them in a bottomless pit of welfare checks and slums, yes, I mean you fellow white people, we'd rather tell them to "stop bitching and get a job", "it's your own damn fault your kids in a gang," and even better, "I don't want my daughter with THEM." To stress my point more generally, we've surrounded ourselves with a catalog of excuses that shield our truest intentions. Perspective these days is nothing but a fogged mirror.

Like most posts, I never leave you with just a rant. I have, what I trust to be, an achievable solution. It's only one thing that must be done each day. This is going to be cliché, but follow along with me. Take a look at their shoes. No, don't imagine yourself in them. Preferably, imagine the steps they took and where they could have traveled in them. Make yourself a story about it. If it happens to feed your cynical side, fuck it, as long as you at least take a sip of my kool-aid, and feel an inkling of perspective. For now, you're welcome. Good luck.