Please Remove Head From Ass

Some of the bravest people I find in New York are the bikers. With cars moving from lane to lane and people bolting across the street to make the green light rush, it's a shock that there's not more biking accidents. Their heads are on a constant swivel, not to see where they're going, but to make sure they can see where everyone else is. When people say New York's a jungle, it isn't just a metaphor.

The city is understandably busy. If you want to cut time, you need a way to beat traffic and dodge and weave your way through the crowds of people. The only happy medium is grabbing a bike. I don't believe there's much emphasis on how dangerous it truly is. Recalling back to my previous post, pedestrians have little to no care in the world when crossing the street. When a biker see's that they have the right away, via the bike lane, they assume, like any other biker in the bike lane, that the area will be clear for their passage. I cannot count the numerous amounts of times I've seen pedestrians almost taken out by a biker.

The moral of it all is to know your place on the streets. Look both ways and pull your head out of your ass.