Kohl's "Give A Little More"

With Christmas around the bend, it's no surprise that retail stores are flooding the commercial video waves with new advertisements. Christmas is a time for stores to flaunt their new products, boast about their latest deals, and make every joke possible about the spirit of Christmas. If you are unaware of Ol' Saint Nick, click the red button on your remote and within seconds you will be educated. The commercials I believe do Christmas justice are the lovemarks. Rather than using the holiday as a crutch to hold up their “exclusive” deals, they keep with the reminiscent emotions of family, togetherness and, above all, love. Kohl’s “Give A Little More” has made them a forerunner in the festivities. They have to thank the two powerhouse agencies Huge and Anomaly.

Huge and Anomaly are credited for Kohl’s “Give A Little” tv spot. What I love most about the commercial is that it doesn’t scream Christmas. Of course, it uses the characters like elves and reindeer, but they aren’t the core idea for the ads. Instead, the big idea is sharing love to your family during the cozy holiday. What is more Christmas than love? In one ad, a woman, assumed to be a mother, is tackling the demand of Christmas dinner. Elves see this as an opportunity to help Mom out to ease her burden. As they are dressing themselves for the job to come, her son walks into the frame to grab a drink from the fridge. Now, if it was me, being the horrible son I was in my teens, I would have grabbed a sliver of food and been on my way. The opposite happens here in the commercial. It emphasizes the power of Christmas by inspiring the teenage boy to ask his mom if she needs his assistance. That gesture doesn’t only speak to the intimacy of the holiday, but the genuineness of it as well. So, the mom cheerfully agrees and the elves share mixed responses.

After I saw this commercial ad, I had to write about it. I visited Huge a while back in the Spring semester and had to follow their work. Anomaly, a recent nugget I found while looking into California-based agencies, blew me away with their work as well. No wonder they were chosen to work together.