Snapchat Store

I'm sitting in Starbucks working on an ad and boom, an idea hits me. What if there were stores on Snapchat? Yes, you've read that right and I know I read a bit crazy, but stay with me here. Snapchat stores! All of the functionality is already there: facial recognition and swipable filters. As a culture with an embedded desire for speed and proximity, the store would be groundbreaking. To "try on" a shirt, you no longer have to wait in line at the fitting room, you simply swipe right or swipe left to "put back" your item and try another on. However, there are some setbacks to this idea.

Everything below the waist will need to be added into the Snapchat code, therefore reworking how Snapchat already functions. For a code guru, I'm sure this is possible, but in Snapchat's defense, would it be worth the cost? I'm uncertain. What I am certain of is impulse purchases. When an item you want is right in front of you, it is very hard to say no. Just imagine every candy bar you've ever bought at the grocery store; while you're waiting in line and that Reese's just looks so good! See?

Back to my point: I am urging stores to try out a limited time only Snapchat Store. It's worth the experimentation. Also, if you're looking for someone to spearhead the project, I am totally a graduate and definitely available. Thanks.