Is Society Dead?

Recently since I've turned 21, I've been exploring the bar scene. I've tried everything from local bars to high-end bangers in clubs. During these adventures, I've also found myself spending considerable amounts of time in the bathroom. What I've gained from these experiences is insight into the bar nightlife culture.

If you've never had the opportunity to visit a dive-bar, make it a priority on your list of things to do. A dive-bar scene is typically low key and filled with trinkets and odd games. I found myself playing life sized Jenga with strangers. A couple of splinters later, I found myself a great group of drinking buddies (oh and some Instagram followers). The pace is moderate and you can feel the sense of community from member to member. It's as if you've signed up for an exclusive club that everyone gets into, but only genuine people actually apply for. Though the atmosphere is chill, the real excitement is in the stalls.

Once painted white, the stalls of At The Wallace have been scribbled on, marked and plastered with anything from political banter to signatures and tags for exposure. The peace sign and heart captured me instantly. Not because of the vibrant red, but because of how I've been feeling about society recently. Empathy has been broken and shattered. However after seeing these markings, it's given me hope. Yes, a brick wall with names I don't know and people I'll more than likely never meet, has sparked a glimmer in me. The peace insignia develops a chance of humanity, from person to person, while the heart shows love and appreciation for your neighbor. They're more than just spray painted graffiti, they're a combination of what it means to be human.