That's So Gay

Society shaped itself an iron shield, blocking all interferences of homosexual activity. Defining homosexual has subsidized the actuality of sameness. As a culture, Americans programmed an ideology, based on religious beliefs which has labeled affection for the same sex, opposite of kin, as repulsive and against God’s demands. The “penis and vagina [are] instruments of reproduction”(7,70,Katz) and not for pleasure. It is going to take personifying love to attain tolerance.

The American culture boxed itself into a claustrophobic container of mirror-like faces reflecting its own idealistic perception of false reality. “As a social institution, gender is one of the major ways that human beings organize their lives.”(5,55,Lorber) By assigning these gender biases, men and wo-men reside in a social construct that dictates their status, respectability and role in society. Heterosexual men are designed to excel based on their network, strength and indoctrination to their field. They are the hunter; the main source of income and chivalry. “Gender is so much the routine ground of everyday activities that…assumptions and presumptions is like thinking about whether the sun will come up.”(5,54,Goffman) To go against the convention is to surrender status.

As children, these gender norms influence our adult decisions and development. “Western society’s values legitimate gendering by claiming that it all comes from physiology.”(5,56,Lorber) Meaning that a vagina is associated with femininity and a penis is associated with masculinity. However, gender is influential. Whether it is the color of clothing you wear, the make-up you put on (if any) or the accessories you acquire, each item correlates to subliminal gendering. It is not until heavily into teen years that we begin consciously thinking of experimentation with the same sex.

“There is no unique female sexual experience, no male sexual experience, no unique heterosexual, lesbian, or gay male experience.”(6,67,Hubbard) Society has been appropriating color and gender since the nineteenth century. After around the first World War, boys and girls began associating blues and pinks with gender specific categories. America was pigeon-hole-ing the youth and giving them only two option in which to express themselves. Additionally, at the time, sex was described as love shared between a man and a woman. Thus, the ‘experience’ of sex could only be enjoyed or practiced between the two. This recalls a question: “what if we acknowledged the separation of sexuality from procreation and encouraged our children to express themselves sexually if they were so inclined?”

Infants are born with genitalia that determine their sex; norms and societal influences determine gender. “As a social institution, gender is one of the major ways that human being organize their lives.”(5,55,Lorber) Conversely, gender is one of the major ways that men organize communities. By attaining a like-minded following, men came into power through biases. With determination, they gained the right-of-passage by the church to preach these biases, which funneled more money in their institution. Isn’t that so gay?