So. YES! I am in China! I'll be studying here for the next 4 months. If you're interested, I am staying in Wenzhou at Kean University. The campus was built sometime in 2014. It is absolutely gorgeous. The structures are very modern with their straight edges and square-like configurations. It is very neat how the buildings contrast with the natural curves of the mountainside.

Anyway, I chose to come here literally because I thought it would be a cool place to travel. Many others came here for the culture and because they are super into anime. For me, China ia beautiful and really wanted to take the opportunity to visit.

Since I've only been here for about 3 days so far, I am limited on my knowledge of the surrounding cities. So, in saying that, time to go explore!

If you want to see some of the campus and China, follow me on Periscope @akajohnsimons!