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bigsexy inc.


bigsexy inc.

It’s time we take hold of our own sexiness and feel comfortable in our bodies, regardless of hyper-sexualized media influence. Today and forever, you deserve to feel sexy.


“Big Sexy” is an over-sexualized term describing a man who represents excellence in every area every man should possess not only should he be great in the bedroom but he's also a genius in the boardroom and most definitely possesses sex appeal.


Big Sexy is an alias people give to their friends; large male friends or thick curvy women. The name is typically meant to mock the individual.


You deserve to feel sexy. Big Sexy is a mindset, not a name. Give “Big Sexy” ownership back of their name; a name to be proud of.



First off, the term "big sexy" had to be re-defined. [currently #1]

More importantly, bigsexy inc. needed a term that would separate it from other brands.

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social media

The content motivates its followers to live for themselves.


sexy saturday podcast

Interviews of people from various industries, where we discuss sexiness and how it relates their field.


disrupt starbucks

With the help of a Starbucks barista, I crafted a drink that has never been released before in order to gain brand exposure.



"Big Sexy" is a colloquial persona friends give to one another. The bigsexy inc. brand is a brand for friends. 


Thank you & Stay sexy