Brand: Subway

Product: meats and veggies

Insight: consumers want fresh food, not fresh marketed food. Subway as of right now is "not what people want anymore" - Retail Doctor Bob Phibb, Subway celebrates individuality and customization, Subway believes that a healthy person will equate to a healthy planet

Strategy: give consumers the option to sub out something bad they have for something healthy

Platform: Instagram (print and......motion?)

Manifesto: Eating healthy is easy, but temptation is hard to resist. When ads feed you with juicy burgers, salivating dipping sauces and fried goods all day, it's hard to say no. So, we've decided to put our foot down. On May 28th, National Burger Day, we pledge to trade you that juicy GMO-filled burger for one of our signature hoagies for FREE. Bring a burger from any of the select stores and we'll swap it out for a garden fresh signature hoagie. You deserve a healthy (and don't forget tasty!) meal. Enjoy!

Copy: Introducing the latest SubOut Burger