Product: Natural Gas
Target: Everyday People
Insight: 90% reduction in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional diesel, Natural gas is a proven alternative fuel to gasoline and diesel, UPS is committed to operating more sustainably – for customers, the environment and the communities we serve around the world. People don't think about landfills because they don't see them
Strategy: UPS is using gas that is collected from landfills so that their customers have a better environment. ie trust, responsibility, leadership. Using any medium, come up with a way to show how people can get involved.
Idea: Landfills take up as much room as this ad
Copy: With RNG we can save the world.


Product: Large $5.99 Special (21-27)

Insight: there is no pizza without farmers, offer valid until May 27th, carry-out only, large two-topping pizzas, 97 percent of the 2.1 million farms in the United States are family-owned operations

Strategy: Celebrate the farmers making Domino's pizza possible

Manifesto: The farmers are taking a break. Uncertain of when they'll be back, enjoy what's left of their hard work. Order a Large any 2-topping pizza – while the supplies lasts – for only $5.99. This offer is carry-out only. Offer ends May 27th.

Platform: social media

domino's tweet mockup

Wine Bar George

Brand: Walt Disney

Product: Wine Bar George

Insight: parents would love to enjoy without kids, serves top wines and foods, very french/european style menu, located at Disney Springs in FL,  professionally certified Court of Master Sommeliers Miliotesi hand-picks the wines, on-site nanny at Disney

Pain Point: Parents want to enjoy the wine however they cannot leave their kids

Strategy: Offer parents a service that allows them to enjoy a night out

Platform: Banner ads marketed towards existing customers

Manifesto: Parents can't ever seem to catch a break, even at The Happiest Place On Earth. We would like to believe that our children's laughter and awe make up for the long walks around the park but, let's be honest, it is tiring! Parents deserve at least one night to themselves, and where else would be better to enjoy it than at Wine Bar George? As your kids play games and do art and crafts with our nanny, you can be enjoying hand-selected wines by Master Sommelier George Miliotes.


Brand: Subway

Product: meats and veggies

Insight: consumers want fresh food, not fresh marketed food. Subway as of right now is "not what people want anymore" - Retail Doctor Bob Phibb, Subway celebrates individuality and customization, Subway believes that a healthy person will equate to a healthy planet

Strategy: give consumers the option to sub out something bad they have for something healthy

Platform: Instagram (print and......motion?)

Manifesto: Eating healthy is easy, but temptation is hard to resist. When ads feed you with juicy burgers, salivating dipping sauces and fried goods all day, it's hard to say no. So, we've decided to put our foot down. On May 28th, National Burger Day, we pledge to trade you that juicy GMO-filled burger for one of our signature hoagies for FREE. Bring a burger from any of the select stores and we'll swap it out for a garden fresh signature hoagie. You deserve a healthy (and don't forget tasty!) meal. Enjoy!

Copy: Introducing the latest SubOut Burger



Brand: Hilton

Product: hotel

Insight: staff is friendly - there is no cap on generosity - breakfast is admired from penthouse guests to average guests - biggest suite they've stayed in - well mannered and respectful

Strategy: show customers what makes the Hilton staff so friendly and inclusive

Platform: instagram (hijack)

Manifesto: It isn't a Hilton experience without our enthusiastic staff. In honor of them, we've surrendered our Instagram over to the staff. We hope you enjoy their experience!

JP Morgan

Brand: JP Morgan

Product: JP Morgan

Insight: they offer world-class entrepreneurship, the classic American dream, they understand the business, they value marketable ideas - grassroots, ESOP - going from employee to owner, you know you're in good hands

Strategy: let future customers know that JPMorgan supports entrepreneurs dreams

Platform: print series

Manifesto: America was built by dreamers. Those who saw the impossible and surpassed expectation. Some may have said they were crazy, out of their mind, insane. At JPMorgan we believe in dreamers. For without them there would be no innovation. Welcome, dreamers, may you be as crazy as you need to be.

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