bigsexy inc.

Sexiness has long been the persona and embodiment of celebrities. It’s time we take hold of our own sexiness and feel comfortable in our bodies, regardless of hyper-sexualized media influence. Today and forever, you deserve to feel sexy.



First off, the term "big sexy" had to be re-defined. [currently #1]

More importantly, bigsexy inc. needed a term that would separate it from other brands.


disrupt starbucks

With the help of a Starbucks barista, I crafted a drink that has never been released before.


sexy saturday podcast

Interviews of people from various industries, where we discuss sexiness, how it relates their field.



"Big Sexy" is a colloquial persona friends give to one another. The bigsexy inc. brand is a brand for friends. 


social media

The tone of of each post is inspiriting, honest and unapologetic. Consistency is key to building brand recognition.


Thank you & Stay sexy