bigsexy inc.

I created a brand that encourages its audience to own their sexiness. Media and fashion have hyper-sexualized their content, which in turn dissuades potential customers from buying their products. With bigsexy inc., I’ve created a community that share a similar ideology: I deserve to feel sexy. The community members aren’t asking to be told when to feel sexy, they already know they are.

First off, the term "big sexy" had to be re-defined. [currently #1]

More importantly, bigsexy inc. needed a term that would separate it from other brands.



With the help of a Starbucks barista, I crafted a drink that has never been released before.


sexy saturday podcast

Interviews of people from various industries, where we discuss sexiness, how it relates their field.



"Big Sexy" is a colloquial persona friends give to one another. The bigsexy inc. brand is a brand for friends. 


Thank you & Stay sexy